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Adaro Indonesia helps ensure the general economic health of South Kalimantan communities where it operates through targeted initiatives to encourage self-sufficiency.

Adaro Ignites Welfare aims to achieve village economic self-sufficiency using the mentoring model of integrated villages, which developed five aspects of Adaro Ignites Change: education, economy, health, culture and environment. This model has been implemented in Batu Tojah village of Murung Raya regency in Central Kalimantan, under the Prosperous Village program (locally called Mangat Lewu). In 2021, the activities were focused on developing the economic aspect through the Integrated Farming Phase I program (establishment) by mentoring four village enterprises in Barito Tuhup Raya district of Murung Raya regency. The phase I focused on establishing and improving the organizational capacity, building of work facilities and training and internship programs for preparing local facilitators.
Continuing on the CSR activities implemented in 2020 for supporting the economic recovery for the local communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2021, the Adaro Group supported the enhancement of MSME capacity to enable them to stay afloat and continue their businesses. The support was given in the forms of product marketing and capital donations for the production businesses of 68 MSMEs. Donations were also granted to 35 under-privileged households through the Adaro Wirausaha Berdaya program, for various skill training for home industry, capital donations for production businesses, and mentoring for product marketing.

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