Adaro Land

Adaro Land is one of the business pillars of PT Adaro Energy Indonesia Tbk group (Adaro Group), which strategically supports the mining and non-mining pillars through a variety of services and products. Adaro Land has five business lines represented by the five companies in it. These five business lines can act independently but are directed to synergize and integrate so as to create competitive advantages, cost eff iciency and quality advantages. The following are the companies that are part of the Adaro Land business pillar and their business lines.

PT Adaro Persada Mandiri (APM)

APM is the holding company within the Adaro Land pillar. APM focuses on providing land management services, infrastructure development, and asset leasing/rental and operations. For land management services, APM provides land document storage and management services, as well as land information system services for the Adaro Group. Meanwhile, for asset management service, APM conducts asset procurement and facility management activities.

In 2021, APM successfully completed several construction projects for the Adaro Group such as the induction building of PT Adaro Indonesia, a fuel transporter workshop of PT Adaro Logistik and employee housing of PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia in Batang, Central Java.


PT Rehabilitasi Lingkungan Indonesia (RLI)

RLI, a subsidiary of APM, has two business lines: supervisory and/or implementation services for watershed rehabilitation projects and implementation services for revegetation projects for reclamation activities. Mining companies are required to rehabilitate watershed areas and revegetate the reclamation area, either as a holder of forest area borrow-to-use permit (IPPKH) or for fulfilling post-mining obligations.

In 2021, through revegetation services, RLI conducted revegetation for 275 Ha and maintenance for 270 Ha. Meanwhile, through watershed rehabilitation activities, RLI assisted in the handover of rehabilitated watershed area of PT Adaro Indonesia’s IPPKH of 440 Ha, and Maruwai Coal’s IPPKH of 1,858 Ha.


PT Agri Multi Lestari

AML is the Agribusiness and Plantation arm of Adaro Land. In the agribusiness sector, AML owns a cattle farm which produces solid and liquid organic fertilizers. AML also owns a nursery which produces quality plant seeds. Both fertilizers and seeds will be used to support the activities of RLI, particularly revegetation and planting activities in forestry assets. In addition, AML also provides services for management of the Adaro Group’s oil palm plantations and securing land for pre-mining areas.

In 2021, AML provided more than 278,000 seeds, 396 tons of solid fertilizer and 20,800 liters of liquid fertilizer to support revegetation activities. The use of seeds and fertilizers from AML is expected to reduce planting and maintenance costs and increase plant growth rates in the reclamation project.


PT Alam Sukses Lestari (ASL)

ASL is a subsidiary company managing forestry asset business in the Adaro Land pillar. ASL holds a Business License for Utilization of Timber Forest Products in Ecosystem Restoration (IUPHHK-RE). In managing the ecosystem restoration, ASL carries out various activities such as environmental and biodiversity management, social empowerment and cooperation with the communities around ASL area, as well as patrols for forest area protection.

In 2021, ASL continued to maintain its monitoring and evaluation score in the good category by carrying out its obligation as IUPHHK-RE holder. In addition, ASL conducted development studies related to the potential for carbon pools, utilization of non-timber forest products and energy forest.

PT Hutan Amanah Lestari (HAL)

Other asset under the Adaro Land pillar is HAL. This company holds Business License for Utilization of Carbon Sequestration and/or Storage (Izin Usaha Pemanfaatan Penyerapan dan/atau Penyimpanan Karbon (IUP RAP/ PAN Karbon) within Production Forest. As the holder of this license, HAL strives to conserve the ecosystem, especially the peatlands within HAL’s area.

In 2021, HAL continued to maintain the score from the monitoring evaluation (monev) in the good category by carrying out its obligations as a holder of IUP RAP-PAN Karbon. In addition, HAL conducted a development study related to the potential of carbon pool and carbon trading, which would be followed by project design document (PDD) activities.

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