Educational Enhancement

Focusing on the Importance of Learning

Adaro helps schools near its South Kalimantan operations to improve their management practices.

It is our belief that investment in education creates stronger communities, and that improving educational quality is critical for the success of future generations. Some of our main programs include providing scholarships and mobile libraries as well as improving school infrastructure.

For teachers, we provide scholarships and train them in effective research-based learning. For students, we offer scholarships from elementary-school level all the way up to university.

We continually improve our scholarship programs by ensuring that they align with the needs of the communities they serve, our own community development programs and our operational needs.

For our university scholarships, we have been co-operating with the Bogor Agricultural Institute and Lambung Mangkurat University and have increased the number of study programs as well as the number of potential local students eligible for them.

Studies have shown that science education is necessary to promote a child’s ability in critical thinking, problem solving, innovation and creativity.

Unfortunately, students at local schools viewed science as a threat and therefore avoided science subjects. For this reason, we started a program to strengthen science education in local schools in 2010 based on the idea that science is fun.

As a result, more than 800 local students participated in the Science Kuark Olympiad, and three made it to the finals. To date, more than 500 teachers and 1,250 primary and middle school students from more than 50 schools have participated in the program.

In one program, we have seen encouraging results in 2014. A forum was held involving students, parents, teachers and headmasters, to discuss science projects that make use of local resources.Stemming from this forum, two groups of high school students from Murung Pudak Vocational School in Tanjung successfully generated electricity from rubber sand, and they planned to compete in the National Science Olympiad in 2015.

A group of teachers trained by Adaro Energy also recently wrote a science book that provides several ideas on how to use local content in science teaching. This book has been recommended by the regional government as a learning resource in science for teachers and students in Kalimantan.

SIS Training Program

As part of its commitment to increase the workforce around Tabalong and help reduce unemployment in the region, our subsidiary Saptaindra Sejati (SIS) has been educating qualified local workers through its Operator Preparation and Mechanics Preparation programs. More than 200 mechanics and operators graduate from the programs and are subsequently employed by SIS each year.

Since the program started in 2008, SIS has trained and hired more than 2,000 operators and mechanics from five local districts. The training periods range from six to 12 months and comprise both theory and field work.

These two training programs support the creation of a skilled, disciplined and competitive workforce in the vicinity of our mining areas.

Educational Enhancement and Scholarship Program

Objective: to enhance the human resource quality among the local young generation

AE helps to enhance educational quality and degree by providing scholarship and takes account of the local economic potential in program formulation. In 2017, through its subsidiaries, AE provided tuition funding for 184 college students, and because agriculture and mining are the area’s highest economic potential, the company granted regional ambassador scholarships for 50 local people to study at the Bogor Agricultural University and started collaborating with Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” University (UPN) in Yogyakarta by providing regional ambassador scholarships for five local people to study mining engineering.

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