Governance Sustainability

Adaro Ignites Education

Adaro helps schools near its South Kalimantan operations to improve their management practices.

Main program: Adaro Community Based Education (ACBE)

Objective: ACBE aims to improve both students and teachers’ quality by getting students to acquire the practical learning skills, which will help them to succeed in school and in the society, and to grow stronger interest in science through pleasant learning experience and improved teachers’ didactic / methodic competencies and capacity especially on matters related to the 21st century skill requirements.

Every child is born with an interest in learning and the desire to grow. However, without encouragement and support, this interest and desire will not materialize into a meaningful result.

Adaro Nyalakan Ilmu (Adaro Ignites Education) aspires to ignite the ambitions of every hopeful child by providing them with skills and proficiency from the access to unlimited world of knowledge and opportunities, with which they grow to be the inspiring agents of change. This program has involved 145 schools and 3,006 students and teachers with science education enhancement, community-based education and science competition as the focused activities. The activities have succeeded in motivating students and teachers to enhance their knowledge and research on science, as proven with their achievements in the field of science, both in the regional and national levels.

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