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PT Saptaindra Sejati

As one of Indonesia’s leading mining contractors, PT Saptaindra Sejati (SIS) provides mining services and develops infrastructure and logistics for Adaro Indonesia and other customers.

With a heavy equipment fleet exceeding 1,300 units, SIS is among the largest mining contractors in Indonesia. This modern equipment fleet aids the company in ensuring that it maintains a competitive edge by continually improving productivity, utilization and efficiency.

SIS runs its business with a mission to provide sustainable excellence in mining services by ensuring high reliability and standard of occupational health, safety, and environment, with the support of competent human resources and proper technology. SIS offers an integrated mining service from coal extraction, coal hauling and overburden removal.

The more positive outlook of the coal industry in 2017 has allowed SIS to execute its strategic and operational plans. Congruent to its customers’ plans, overburden removal volume by SIS increased 23% from 2017, to 220.5 Mbcm. Meanwhile its coal production volume rreached 44.9 Mt, or increased 27% compared to 2017. This resulted in a y-o-y increase in revenue of 31% to US$746.8 million in 2018.

The Adaro Group accounted for 57% of SIS’s total overburden removal and 86% of total coal production volume. SIS handled 42% and 55% of Adaro Indonesia’s overburden removal and coal production respectively in 2017, and all of overburden removal and coal production of Balangan Coal Companies.

Although SIS will keep serving the operations of the Adaro Group, it is also actively looking for opportunities to grow its third-party business. In 2017, SIS successfully achieved a contract extension with one of its third-party customers, which provided SIS with volume certainty. The currently stronger coal sector will present more opportunities for SIS because its customers will adjust their mining and production plans to capture the upside of a more robust coal price environment.

In 2017, SIS logged a total of 32,669,483 working hours and maintained a strong safety performance throughout the year. SIS achieved LTIFR of 0.09 and SR of 19.21, and has obtained several international quality assurance certificates, such as ISO 9001:2015 for quality management, OHSAS 18001:2007 for occupational health and safety management, and ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management. SIS also received the Blue PROPER and Aditama award from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry as a result of its relentless effort in safety improvement and environmental management.

The past year also saw SIS invest US$113 million to purchase, acquire and replace heavy equipment, develop infrastructure, and purchase of other assets and supporting equipment. At the end of 2017, SIS owned more than 1,875 units of heavy equipment, including 400-tonne class face shovels and excavators and 250-tonne capacity off-highway haul trucks, giving it an annual coal production capacity of 35.5 Mt.

In-line with AE’s outlook, SIS expects the robust coal price environment to continue in 2018. To seize the positive coal price momentum, SIS’s customers are also adjusting their production plans. SIS will continue to work together with its customers to increase production volumes for both its sister companies within the Adaro Group and third party customers.

Our History

PT Saptaindra Sejati started its business in 1991 as a small subcontractor for heavy equipment named Dianlia Setyamukti. The business developed and successfully became a mining contractor, and among the several first projects it was awarded were for PT Adaro Indonesia and PT Berau Coal.

In 2002, the shareholders and the management agreed to transfer all operational activities, consisting of staff and assets, gradually into PT Saptaindra Sejati (SIS). SIS was acquired by Adaro Energy in 2008.

Overburden removal and coal transportation are our main expertise. Through many years of working with a range of clients in differing conditions, we have gained a wealth of experience in the types of environment that characterize most mines in Indonesia.

Our workforce is trained and experienced in all required activities including planning, overburden removal, coal production and support activities needed to provide efficient mining. We use modern equipment and comply with all applicable safety standards.

With our well-maintained dump trucks and trailers, we can transfer coal efficiently from mining locations to ROM stockpiles and client shipping locations. We understand that every mining service is different and thus requires a specifically designed solution. SIS operates a different fleet for every hauling operation; this means that even for the most difficult areas coal can be hauled efficiently.

Moreover, SIS has adopted several cutting-edge mining technologies to improve the services; among these are using high-capacity machinery and adopting real-time tracking in fleet management. This system, adopted in 2010, uses micro-controllers for heavy equipment and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to track the location and evaluate the performance of equipment on site.

SIS is also a leader in the use of dewatering technology, with material-breaking dredger pumps introduced in early 2011.

SIS is constantly striving to improve its services by applying the best technologies available to increase efficiencies, especially during the current difficult coal market condition.

SIS has implemented the “jigsaw system” technology, a real-time tracking method to maximize efficiencies and cost savings. It has also obtained several international certificates for quality assurance, such as ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System, OHSAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System.

Key Financial Highlights (US$ million) 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Total assets 534,1 559,7 439,0 470,1 532,5
Total liabilities 404,8 412,9 267,8 283,4 389,8
Interest-bearing debt 337,9 335,5 210,8 202,4 249,7
Total equity 129,3 146,8 171,2 186,7 142,7
Revenue 410,3 486,4 432,6 443,2 537,4
Operating Statistics
Overburden Removal (Mbcm) 163,5 173,9 151,1 163,1 179,2
Coal Getting (Mt) 27,8 30,5 29,5 35,3 35,4

With its 1,300-strong fleet of heavy mining and support equipment, SIS has a continual flow of machinery that is surplus to requirement through being replaced by newer or upgraded units.

We have recently begun offering for sale good-quality used units and have a supply of approximately 30 units available for sale at any one time, including dump trucks, excavators, articulated trucks, dozers, motor graders and others.

For more details and full specifications, please see

Contact us directly at or call: +62 21 769 3378 (Hunting)

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PT Adaro Jasabara Indonesia

PT Adaro Jasabara Indonesia (AJI), previously PT Adaro Eksplorasi Indonesia, was rebranded from a pure exploration services company into a multi skilled services company offering engineering, strategic mine planning, exploration and drilling services. AJI’s mission is to enthusiastically supply high value advice and services to companies within the Adaro Group so they may invest in and complete sound resource and energy projects that benefit the community, employees, shareholders, Indonesia and the world.

AJI has drawn together experienced technical support people from across the Adaro Group into a single company which will be better able to provide services to the Adaro Group. AJI’s main asset is its skilled and adept employees. Within the new ranks of AJI there are experienced bulk material handling and road construction engineers, experienced mine planners and expert mining financial modelers. AJI also boasts a highly capable water management team benefiting from experience at PT Adaro Indonesia. AJI’s exploration team has experience in all the Adaro Group coal areas and focuses on the acquisition of new exploration data as well as due diligence. Lastly, AJI has a capable Geographic Information System team whose services are sought after within the Adaro Group.

To better assist mining companies within the Adaro Group, AJI has invested in state of the art mine planning software to optimize mining schedules at each of the coal mining company. Some of AJI’s clients from the Adaro Group are PT Adaro Indonesia, the Adaro MetCoal Companies, and the Balangan Coal Companies.

In 2017, AJI performed multiple projects for the Adaro Group including engineering support for PT Jasapower Indonesia’s OPCC and the Kelanis Dedicated Coal Terminal upgrade project, and on-going exploration and drilling at PT Adaro Indonesia and at Lahai Coal. In 2018 AJI, will be involved in exciting support projects for the Adaro MetCoal companies and the ongoing opening up of the Tapian Timur area.

PT Jasapower Indonesia

PT Jasapower Indonesia (JPI) is the operator of the Out-of-Pit Crusher and Conveyor system (OPCC) at AI’s Tutupan mine. As part of AE’s continuous efficiency improvement along the coal supply chain, the company started automating overburden removal activities at Tutupan by installing and operating the OPCC in 2013. Because the Tutupan mine has developed into one of the largest coal mines in the world, handling the enormous volumes of overburden stripped and hauled from the mine has become a major challenge in mine management as the pit is deeper and hauling distances are progressively further, thus increasing hauling costs.

The OPCC was designed to suit AI’s operating parameters and constructed with two crushing stations of 7,000-tonne per hour (tph) and 12,000 tph. Overburden material is transported 10 km from the hopper to disposal area and is stacked and spread by a mobile conveyor according to the design of the overburden disposal area. The power for operating the OPCC is supplied by AE’s subsidiary PT Makmur Sejahtera Wisesa from its 2x30MW coal-fired mine-mouth power station. The use of coal-fired power for the OPCC has helped to reduce dependency on diesel fuel. The OPCC handled 7.9 Mbcm of overburden in 2017, 55% higher compared to 5.1 Mbcm in 2016.

Throughout the year, JPI continued to maintain operational excellence, underlined by rigorous implementation of operational safety standards. As a result, JPI experienced no lost time injury and this achievement was recognized by the Governor of South Kalimantan and the Ministry of Manpower through “free lost time safety award” in 2017. JPI also obtained gold rating in mining safety and management system implementation from AI.

Coaltrade Services International Pte Ltd

Coaltrade Services International Pte. Ltd. (CTI) mainly operates as a coal trader, marketing agent, and coal terminal service agent from its office in Singapore. By providing agency services to the Adaro Group, CTI takes a strategic role by giving the group the access to the international marketing networks and keeping an eagle eye on the global and regional trends of coal production, supply, demand and pricing.

CTI also facilitates the group’s exports to a number of countries and works closely with AE’s port management subsidiary PT Indonesia Bulk Terminal in supplying coal from a lot of producers, particularly those operating in South and East Kalimantan provinces. In October 2016, CTI and its shareholders took a full ownership over Adaro MetCoal Companies’ seven coal assets in these provinces. These assets contain metallurgical coal, and their first production under the Adaro Group’s ownership took place at Haju mine in 2016 with total output of 0.22 Mt. In 2017, the coal production at this mine increased to approximately 1 Mt, while subsequent development options and schedules for the other mines along with the associated infrastructure were being prepared. Within this arrangement, CTI is charge of developing of new markets for the metallurgical coal.

In 2017, CTI recorded strong results, with coal sales increased by 41% to 4.5 Mt, due to a higher volume received from AMC. Although it mainly serves the Adaro Group, which accounted for more than 71% of its sales volume for the year, CTI makes continuous efforts to expand its third-party businesses by maintaining the existing relationships through quality service and using the group’s network to develop new relationships in the global coking coal markets. The growth in Asia’s thermal coal trades and the robust outlook of the global coal demand offer great potential for CTI to increase traded tonnage, which will add its revenue contribution to the Adaro Group.

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