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Awards for Adaro

Adaro Energy and its core subsidiary, Adaro Indonesia, consistently win national and international awards for corporate and mining excellence, environmental management, social responsibility and more.

The following list a number of awards won by Adaro Group in 2019:

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Gold Rating PROPER

Program of Corporate Performance Rating in Environmental Management (PROPER) of 2020

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Subroto Award

Category: Energy Efficiency (AI, SIS-ADMO site, MSW)

The Ministry of Finance

2020 Taxpayer Appreciation Award

The Asset Magazine

The Asset Triple A Asia Infrastructure Award 2020

The Australian Mining Deal of the Year

The Pinnacle Group International

The 11th Global CSR Summit & Award

Gold Award: Excellence in Provision of Literacy & Education Award for PAUD Coaching Program

Silver Award: CSR Leadership Award for Mr. Edwin Soeryadjaya

Silver Award: Best Environmental Excellence Award

The Ministry of Manpower

OHS Management System Award

Zero Accident Award - AI

P2-hIV&AIDS at Work Awards (Platinum category) - AI

ohS Management System Implementation Certificate - AI

For complete list of awards received by Adaro Group during 2020 can be seen in the 2020 Annual Report, page 19 - 22

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