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Living in Harmony with Nature

April 20, 2018, 5:00 pm | Admin

Bamboo is an effective way of managing watersheds.

We added environmental responsibility as another pillar of our social investment program in 2013. We have focused on the conservation of watersheds through bamboo planting.

Bamboo is an effective way of managing watersheds because it regulates the quantity and quality of water and also serves as a sediment control system that prevents the reduction of flow in rivers.

In addition, bamboo can be sold for handicraft, which gives this program both environmental and economic value.

In 2014, we continued bamboo planting to halt land degradation along the rivers in the Tabalong and Balangan districts. Yayasan Adaro Bangun Negeri (YABN), the Adaro Bangun Negeri Foundation, plays a key role in educating and training local communities on the economics and environmental benefits of bamboo planting.

In 2015, we plan to provide 5,000 seeds and the location to plant bamboo trees, and form two groups at Tabalong and Balangan districts so that this program can run sustainably.

Adiwiyata School Program

Objective: to improve students and schools’ environmental awareness of through environmental conservation campaigns and models

AE supports the Adiwiyata School program in 42 schools by inviting environmental facilitators and mentoring the schools in implementing the Adiwiyata guidelines. Three out of the 42 schools have received the national Adiwiyata award in 2017. This program also supports economic enhancement for the communities through entrepreneurship activities such as waste bank and the processing of Roselle plant, with the products then sold at POKTA and Sanggam Mart outlets.

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