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Arrange optimal short term planning and mid term planning in accordance with the Master Plan and mine potential, and refer to geological models, topographic data, neat, effective and economical mine design, and pay attention to HSE factors and coal quality in accordance with existing standards, so that all coal companies can be utilized and guaranteed quality and standards in accordance with customer demand.

  • Arrange optimal short term planning and mid term planning in accordance with predetermined master plans so that the potential of the mine can be optimally utilized in accordance with relevant and applicable standards and regulations.
  • Identify potential mining areas and ensure the availability of data needed in the form of monthly, quarterly and annual reports on mining activities and potential coal reserves of the company to be used as consideration in determining company policy.
  • Ensure that mining service companies (partners) comply with all Mining Safety and Environmental (KPLH) policies that apply within the company, so that all mining activities can run safely and have minimal impact on the environment.
  • Develop and develop a system and procedure for mining activities so that mining activities run safely in accordance with the MPA, relevant and applicable regulations, management standards and systems as well as policies set by the company to support the achievement of production targets set by the company.
  • Disseminating mine Project, Control & Evaluation policies and other important information to relevant departments to be understood and implemented consistently.
  • Facilitating and cooperating with relevant departments to resolve when challenges occur, obstacles in planning issues and production targets, tool capacity, manpower needs, infrastructure, HSE and other aspects.

Job requirement

  • Bachelor Degree in Mining / Civil / Industrial / Geological Engineering
  • Min 4 years of working experience in Mine planning, engineering and production
  • Strong competencies in Mine Operation Management, Mine Planning, Heavy & Support Equipment Application, Project Management, and and Mine Surveying
  • Willing to be located at Adaro Site in Lahat, South Sumatra
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April 2, 2020

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