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Coal-Loving Indonesia Stock Investor Doubles Down After 43% Gain

Indonesian stock fund manager Agus Yanuar has trounced his peers and the Jakarta Composite Index over the past year by riding a rebound in commodity prices. Now, the chief investment officer at PT Samuel Aset Manajemen says he’s sticking to his guns. baca selanjutnya

China rejects North Korean coal shipment -Yonhap

Feb 15 China rejected a shipment of coal from North Korea a day after the country testfired a ballistic missile in violation of international sanctions, South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reported on Wednesday. A load of around 16,295 tonnes of Nort… baca selanjutnya

India’s Coal Giant Risks Burning Investors

Fancy a truckload of the world’s biggest coal miner? New Delhi is planning to sell a 10 percent stake in Coal India Ltd., the Economic Times reported Monday, without saying where it got the information. Such a deal could be worth about 197 billion… baca selanjutnya

The Outlook for Coal Looks Brighter in 2017

The coal industry will begin to reverse its downward slide in 2017, according to U.S. data. Coal production is coming off its worst year since 1978, and for the first time, last year natural gas overtook coal as the dominant fuel for electricity… baca selanjutnya

Chaos at Indonesian ports disrupts coal shipping

Road blockages and bad weather in Kalimantan on the Indonesian side of Borneo island are being blamed for a disruption of coal supplies from one of the world’s most important export regions. Coal traders and ship operators cited several reasons for t… baca selanjutnya