Social Responsibility
The Ways We Give Back to Our Communities

Schoolchidren in Tanjung, near Adaro Indonesia’s mine site. Adaro supports a wide range of education initiatives in communities around its mine operations.

Adaro Energy recognizes that it is essential to balance economic, environmental and social considerations in our activities in order to achieve our vision of becoming a leading Indonesian mining and energy group.

We fully appreciate that our presence has a significant impact on the areas in which we operate — for example, Adaro Indonesia operates at its South Kalimantan concession in an area that covers 358km2, with 36 villages located near the Tutupan mine, and a further 26 villages along the haul road to our river terminal at Kelanis. Crucially, also, we also understand the need to bring positive energy to such surrounding communities and build their capacity to become independent and sustainable.


Adaro Indonesia personnel from the Tabalong mine site attending a local mosque. Staff take part in local community life in their day-to-day lives as well as through social responsibility programs.

Although the coal industry has experienced a downturn in recent years, we are still committed to achieving sustainable business growth by actively pursuing community development activities.

For us, building exemplary community development, environmental programs and behaving as a responsible corporate citizen are core activities and one of the reasons for our continued success.

Engaging the community allows us to establish strong ties between the locals and the company, which is mutually beneficial and in line with our long-term objective to create maximum sustainable value from Indonesian coal.

Our Approach to Community Development

Community development programs have been prioritized as part of our core strategy, and we believe that our commitment and strong focus on setting a high standard in this area are among the key factors behind our growth. It provides us with an opportunity to promote the entrepreneurial spirit, gain support from our stakeholders and improve our position vis-à-vis being responsible and transparent.

Appreciating that mining is a temporary business by nature, in April 2009 we established a non-profit foundation called Yayasan Adaro Bangun Negeri (Adaro Building the Nation Foundation) to ensure the sustainability of Adaro’s community development programs. We believe that without sustainability, such activities are merely charity. The foundation implements and coordinates all community development programs for Adaro Energy and its subsidiaries.


Fishing for tilapia is a popular pastime at a lake near the Paringin pit at Adaro Indonesia’s South Kalimantan mine site. The lake was purposely created as part of post-mining land rehabilitation.

In implementing community development programs, Adaro is guided by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) established by the World Bank. We carefully balance economic, environmental and social considerations in all our activities to ensure they deliver positive and significant impacts that extend beyond financial benefits.

We invest in developing and maintaining five main social programs: educational development, economic development, health improvement, environment protection and socio-cultural promotion.

Throughout 2014, we invested a total of US$5.72 million for these programs.

We also make in-kind contributions, including equipment and management and training programs/sharing sessions.

Read details and case studies from the five strands of our community development program on the following pages:

Economic development
Educational enhancement
Health improvement
Environmental Responsibility
Socio-cultural promotion

Sustainability Reports

Adaro Indonesia’s presence in South Kalimantan has influenced the current economic, social and natural environment of the province down to village level, and the company recognizes that there is a responsibility to give back to these local communities to ensure the development of a better life in the surrounding areas.

To see comprehensive details of Adaro Indonesia’s activities in social responsibility and sustainability, download our most recent Sustainability Report:

Adaro Indonesia Sustainability Report 2012-2013
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