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At Adaro Energy, we believe our employees are a critical foundation to position ourselves as a reliable, strong and efficient mining and energy group. To achieve our medium-term production goal of 80Mt, we need to attract talented people as well as support and develop the ones we already employ.

Three main objectives underlie our human resources strategy: First, we aim to strengthen our corporate values and culture to create a conducive working environment. Second, we want to build a strong human resources infrastructure and system by forming and socializing sound policies and procedures. And third, we aspire to create an effective organization through the establishment of the Adaro Recruitment Center, which will standardize human resources qualifications throughout the entire group.

In April 2013, Julius Aslan joined Adaro Energy as Director & Chief Human Resources, General Affairs, and Information Technology Officer. With more than two decades of experience in this field, he was able to bring several significant improvements to human resources management in the company.

In 2013, one of his key focuses was to strengthen the company’s corporate values and culture. He began with redefining our corporate values (see panel at right), and then translated those into key behaviors that can be internalized and adopted by our employees. This process of redefining corporate values started in May 2013 and included input from all Directors and Commissioners.


Attention to detail: Managing shipping traffic at Taboneo anchorage

We formally launched and introduced the new values to all employees at Adaro Energy’s 21st anniversary event on October 1, 2013. A series of dissemination activities and program implementations has since been carried out for all employees.

To promote the internalization of our corporate values, we revised our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to include demerits for behavior that run contrary to these values. We aim to create a culture in which performance is always aligned with values. In addition, we hope that by redefining our corporate values, we create a better workplace that is open and supportive in order to promote excellence in a high-growth environment.

The Right People in the Right Places

Amid the rapidly growing Indonesian coal industry, Adaro Energy must compete with other blue chip mining and energy companies to recruit and retain the best talent in support of the accomplishment of our goal — to create maximum sustainable value from Indonesian coal.

In 2013, we improved and refined our corporate and job grading system to ensure that talented staffs are in the right place with the right incentives, and to encourage a more competitive reward system and standardize human resource qualifications within Adaro Energy. Effective job grading will help us place employees in roles that are suited for their personality, skills and abilities.

To synchronize the corporate grading system throughout all our subsidiaries, we classified companies using the Mercer method by business complexity, financial size, and head count. The results of this process have been socialized to our subsidiaries since mid-2013.

Adaro Recruitment Center: Attracting the Best

Team spirit: Roll call for a shift change for heavy truck operators at the Tabalong mine.

To anticipate future business needs as we continue to grow, we realize that recruitment and individual development continue to be vital to supporting growth plans at various levels of our operations.

With the goal of ensuring standardized human resource qualification throughout the entire group, we decided to centralize the recruitment process by establishing the Adaro Recruitment Center in October 2013.

To meet the needs of our business units, the Adaro Recruitment Center will seek potential candidates that demonstrate not only competencies that are needed in our business but also characteristics that are in line with our values.

As the company grows, our headcount has continued to increase over the years. In 2013, we hired 410 talented new people, giving us a total of 8,981 employees working together to help Adaro Energy create maximum sustainable value from Indonesian coal.

We realize that retaining our talented people is just as important as attracting new ones. Low employee turnover is a measure of our success in retaining people. From 2010 to 2013, our average voluntary resignation ratio was 4.82%, lower than the industry average of 5%.

Training for the Future

Our management has also given the HR team a mandate to develop future leaders of the company through the Adaro Institute in Jakarta, which opened its doors in 2011.

Training and education are conducted regularly at the institute (for details see here). In 2012, we spent US$2.84 million on training and development programs — a 15% increase on 2011 — that were attended by 63% of all employees.

With a mission to develop talented people and produce high-calibre professionals and leaders, the institute has become the center of employee development programs, which include basic competency development and leadership and managerial competency development.

Adaro’s Values

Protect the company’s assets from fraud, theft, and unauthorized use. Prioritize the company’s interest above the individual interest. Only provide factual data and information.

Compete fairly and ethically by building competence and delivering the best performance. Support subordinates’ growth by giving equal opportunity. Appraise subordinates’ performance objectively.

Dare to express different opinions for the best interest of the company. Dare to admit mistakes and wrongdoings. Welcome others’ constructive inputs and feedback.

Demonstrate good manners and avoid using rude language. Treat everybody with full respect by appreciating their differences. Show respect to others by listening to them attentively.

Execute PDCA ­— Plan, Do, Check, Action — consistently for the achievement of company’s objectives. Do the best to reach the optimal balance between quality and efficiency. Strive to exceed customer expectations.

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