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The Importance of Training
Heralding a new emphasis on employee development: Participants in the  Mining Professional Development Program, the inaugural course at the Adaro Institute in January 2011.

Heralding a new emphasis on employee development: Participants in the inaugural course at the Adaro Institute in January 2011, the Mining Professional Development Program

The growth of the Indonesian coal industry since the turn of the millennium has been dramatic. Production has grown from an estimated level of 100 million tonnes in 2001 to almost 400 million tonnes in 2013. Equally dramatic has been the rise in international sales from 65 million tonnes in 2001 to about 300 million tonnes in 2012, seeing Indonesia overtake Australia as the world’s largest exporter of coal.

This growth has required a commensurate increase in equipment and people. One result is a people shortage at all levels of operations and management in Indonesia’s mining industry.

Adaro Energy has achieved equivalent levels of growth with similar demands on the people side of the industry. It has long been apparent that to continue its growth path Adaro must develop and grow its own operator and staff skills.


Theodore Permadi Rachmat, Vice President Commissioner of Adaro Energy, speaking at the working launch of the Adaro Instutute in 2011.

In 2010, the decision was made to set up the Adaro Institute for this training and development. Suitable and senior staff were recruited or reallocated from within Adaro for the institute, facilities were established in Jakarta and the center began operations in 2011.

In its first year, the Adaro Institute launched many key training and development programs for Adaro employees, selected graduates, and prospective students. In the three years since its opening, the center has provided training courses for about 3,000 employees at various levels.

Employee Development Programs

For basic competency development, the institute provides training programs on value-driven capability, English proficiency and computer literacy. In 2013, the institute carried out basic competency programs for 490 participants and external training from various experienced coaches in their field for 829 employees.

Our English proficiency training program has six different levels of proficiency, with each level running for seven months. We also conduct in-house computer training for Microsoft Office modules. As part of professional competency development, the Institute also assists Adaro Energy and Adaro Indonesia in organizing training for project management, presentation skills and human resources. In addition, it also assists other subsidiaries within Adaro Group in other non-technical and technical competency based training subjects.

Graduate Development Programs

Our Mining Professional Development Program (MPDP) is an initial development program designed for identifying and developing talented S1 graduates from various engineering backgrounds, including mining, geology, geotech and civil. The institute initiated the program in January 2011.

Participants learn various aspects of the coal mining industry through a curriculum that combines theory with practical and experimental learning. To prepare future business leaders, participants are also given leadership and managerial training to improve their soft skills in managing people and business situations. Graduates are then given jobs within the group based on business needs.

The curriculum is designed not only for in-class learning of the operational aspects on a theoretical basis, but also on practical and experimental learning. The program participants also learn leadership and managerial aspects to improve their soft skills in managing people and business situations.

The Adaro Institute also expects to launch another program for graduates with a focus on marketing.

We are now in the process of refining our Graduate Development Program, and we aim to centralize all graduate programs under Adaro Energy.

Internship Program

Soon after its launch in 2011, the Adaro Institute launched a revised Adaro Internship Program (AIP) to strategically develop students during the program and source potential talent for future business needs, in the belief that a well-structured internship program will help Adaro identify and select potential leaders and experts from an early stage.

In the first two years of the relaunched program, the institute accepted 45 internship participants in various functions, from mining operations to administration, with more than a dozen coming from overseas.

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