Adaro at a Glance
Creating Positive Energy from Indonesian Coal
Welcome to the website of PT Adaro Energy Tbk. We are an Indonesian energy group that focuses on integrated coal mining through subsidiaries. Our principal location is at Tabalong district in South Kalimantan, where our subsidiary PT Adaro Indonesia operates the largest single-site coal mine in the southern hemisphere. We operate under a first-generation coal co-operation agreement (CCA) with the Indonesian Government valid until 2022.

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Our Coal and Our Customers

From our South Kalimantan mine’s three pits we produce one of the world’s cleanest coals, trademarked Envirocoal. It is a sub-bituminous, moderate calorific value coal producing ultra-low sulphur, ash and NOx emissions.

We are proud of our track record over the two decades that we have been mining in Kalimantan. In 2015 we delivered 51.5 million tonnes of coal, and in 2016 we plan to produce between 52 million and 54 million tonnes.


Coal mining at our concession in South Kalimantan. We produced 50.4 million tonnes of coal from the mine in 2015.

Our coal is primarily sold to power generation providers, and we sell an average of about 25% of our coal to customers domestically in Indonesia and 75% to overseas customers, predominantly in Asia.

Over the past five years we have acquired stakes in five more coal properties in Sumatra and Kalimantan that are currently under development for mining and will produce coal of similarly less-polluting quality as Envirocoal.

Adding these new concessions to our core mine at Tabalong, we, as a contractor to the Indonesian government, control or have options on 12.8 billion tonnes of thermal coal resources as measured by JORC-compliant studies. Of these resources, 1.3 billion tonnes of coal are JORC-compliant proven reserves.

Our Company Structure

Adaro Energy was established as limited liability company PT Padang Karunia in 2004. In April 2008 its name was changed to PT Adaro Energy Tbk in preparation for becoming a public company with a successful IPO in July that year.

We are a vertically integrated group; in addition to our core mining subsidiary PT Adaro Indonesia, we own subsidiaries along the length of our coal supply chain from pit to port to power, including in mining, barging, shiploading, dredging, port services, marketing and power generation.

Our subsidiaries combine with a range of contractors to produce and deliver our coal with industry-leading efficiency and low cost.

Our Strategy

One of our unique characteristics is we are not owned or controlled by a single family, but by a group of five well-respected Indonesian families — Edwin Soeryadjaya, Theodore Permadi Rachmat, Garibaldi Thohir, Ir. Subianto and Sandiaga S. Uno — who collectively own about 65% of our shares, with no one having outright control.

Given that each party operates individually, there is a natural system of checks and balances in place, ensuring decisions are made with great consideration for the best interests of Adaro Energy and long-term value creation.

Adaro Energy’s vision is to be a leading Indonesian mining and energy group. Our strategy is to focus on organic growth of coal production, to improve efficiency and cost control, to develop our mining services and logistics business, and to develop and further integrate our power generation division.

This website aims to show you how and why Adaro is an exceptional company and an excellent prospect for investors.

The Power of
Positive Energy

Each time we ship Envirocoal, the cleanest thermal coal available on the export market, on schedule and as ordered to our loyal customers, we deliver positive energy.

In the passionate work of each of our employees, in the way we conduct ourselves, in the impact that we have on those around us and in the contributions we make to society, we deliver positive energy.

As we turn a non-renewable resource into a renewable one by building strong, healthy communities surrounding our operations, as we create maximum sustainable value from Indonesian coal, we deliver positive energy.

At Adaro, we are different from the rest in what we produce and also how we behave. What we are doing more than just building a great coal and energy company. We are delivering Positive Energy.

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