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Our subsidiary Adaro Indonesia is currently producing out of a single concession near Tabalong at the northern border of South Kalimantan, which has grown over two decades to become the largest single-site mine in the southern hemisphere.

In 2013, we added coal resources through the acquisition of 75% of three companies with mining licences for a greenfield coal deposit 11km southeast of AI’s concession in the Balangan district of South Kalimantan. We produced 1.1Mt of coal from one of these, PT Semesta Centramas (SCM), in 2015.

We are also preparing for mining at properties that we have recently acquired in the other three of Indonesia’s four key coal-producing provinces: South Sumatra, Central Kalimantan and East Kalimantan.

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Adaro Energy controls or has options on about 12.8 billion tonnes of coal resources and 1.3 billion tonnes of reserves, all reported according to JORC. The resources figure includes options that we have to acquire control over 7 billion tonnes.

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The coal from our South Kalimantan mine is marketed as Envirocoal due to its extremely low content of ash (1-2%), low nitrogen (0.9%) and ultra-low sulphur (0.2%). Its heat value, depending on where in the deposit it has been mined, ranges from about 4,000 kcal/kg to about 5,000 kcal/kg.

The coal from our nearby Balangan concession has a calorific value of 4,400 kcal/kg gar and shares similar characteristics with Envirocoal.

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Our coal production volume was 51.5Mt in 2014, slightly lower than our guidance of 52-54Mt. Adaro Indonesia produced 50.4Mt of its trademarked Envirocoal, and PT Semesta Centramas accounted for the remainder of our total production from its startup operations.

Adaro Indonesia recorded a total sales volume of 51.4Mt in 2015.

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Adaro Indonesia recorded a total sales volume of 51.4Mt in 2015, serving 56 customers in 14 countries. Monthly sales averaged 4.3Mt.

We sold 11.0Mt of coal domestically, accounting for 22% of the total sales, with more than 90% of this coal supplied to power plants and more than 90% of sales based on long-term contracts. We exported the remaining 40.4Mt.

Here is the breakdown by country:

Coal sales in 2015 by country (based on tonnage)

Indonesia 22%
China 16%
India 13%
Japan 13%
South Korea 8%
Hong Kong 8%
Spain 7%
Malaysia 7%
Taiwan 3%
Philippines 3%
Others (inc. US, Thailand and Switzerland) 3%

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We place significant importance on employee workplace safety. Safe and reliable operations create trust with our partners and stakeholders.

We measure safety principally using the lost-time injury frequency rate (LTIFR), the number of lost-time injuries per one million hours worked, and and severity rate (SR), an index representing the number of days lost per one million work-hours.

We recorded 101,924,707 total manhours across Adaro, and an LTIFR of just 0.09, half as high as in 2014. That corresponds to just nine LTIs in the whole year for more than 100 million hours worked. Our SR for 2015 was 120.84, also dropped form 122.8 in 2014.

After establishing an emergency response team at Adaro Indonesia in 2007, we have also built and maintain emergency response base stations as well as operating a 24-hour call center to provide immediate response for any type of emergency.

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Having large-scale, open-pit mining operations such as ours requires a prudent approach to every challenge, and especially in the management of overburden removed daily.

We carry out reclamation of land in areas affected by mining operations before and after those operations cease. Water run-off from disturbed areas is closely monitored and treated in settling ponds before being discharged into the rivers at the required environmental quality level. We also undertake continuous air monitoring around our mining operations.

In 2012, Adaro Indonesia became the first mining company to ever receive the Indonesian Government’s Gold PROPER award since it was introduced in 2002. The award is regarded as the highest standard in Indonesian environmental rehabilitation management practice.

In 2015, the government acknowledged our environmental efforts with several awards. For the sixth straight year, we received the Aditama award in coal mining environment management from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

We also received the PROPER Green award for a seventh time from the Ministry of Environment. A green rating signifies that Adaro fully complies with environmental regulatory requirements and excels in environmental management, conservation of resources and community development.

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We believe that community development programs are part of our core strategy and essential to sustaining our record of production growth.

We invest chiefly in educational enhancement, economic development, health improvement and socio-cultural promotion.

Realizing that mining is a temporary business by nature, we established a non-profit foundation called Yayasan Adaro Bangun Negeri (Adaro Building the Nation Foundation) in 2009 to ensure sustainability of Adaro’s community development program.

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At Adaro, we believe that our employees are our most critical assets. We aim to create a favorable environment for our employees to excel in a high-growth environment.

As a member of the Adaro Energy team, you will work with highly skilled experts who always work hard, behave in an ethical manner and believe in open communication and trust to build a winning team.

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We can arrange visits for selected groups of individuals including marketing professionals, capital market participants and media.

For marketing site visits please e-mail our marketing department at marketing@ptadaro.com.

For capital market participant and media site visits please e-mail our Investor Relations and Corporate Secretary division at investor.relations@ptadaro.com.

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